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Introducing the latest version of the most powerful cognitive ability measure ever.

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children© — Fifth Edition (WISC–V), has been redesigned, retooled, and revamped, with a number of improvements to provide a more comprehensive picture of a child's abilities. Now you can identify the issues — and find the solutions — faster and easier. And, the WISC–V is available in two versions: the traditional paper and pencil format and the new digital format available on Q-interactive®.

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Introducing WISC–V
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WISCV digital format on Q-interactive

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Q-interactive includes access to WISC–V, plus an expanding library of assessments including WAIS®–IV, WMS®–IV, WIAT®–III, KTEA-3, NEPSY®-II, and D-KEFS. Q-interactive enables you to administer tests, providing you item-level administration directions, displaying of stimuli, capturing the child's responses, and on-the-fly scoring. Test results and reports are immediately accessible and included in the price of Q-interactive.

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*Includes unlimited access to all assessments and subtests, including WISC–V, currently available on Q-interactive for 30 days.

WISCV paper-and-pencil format

WISC-V in paper-and-pencil format

The WISC–V complete kit includes: Administration and Scoring Manual, Technical and Interpretive Manual, Stimulus Books 1–3, 25 Record Forms, 25 Response Booklets #1, 25 Response Booklets #2, Coding Scoring Template, Symbol Search Scoring Key, Cancellation Scoring Template, and Wechsler Standard Block Design Set.

Scoring & reporting: Hand scoring or web-based scoring on Q-global®. Unlimited use subscriptions or per report pricing available for WISC–V reports on Q-global.


WISCV on Q-interactive

The new digital version of WISC–V is available on Q-interactive — Pearson's digital assessment administration and management system. Using your tablet, you'll have the power of WISC–V at your fingertips. Powerful. Portable. Efficient. And incredibly convenient.

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SLD Identification: Now Simpler and Easier Than Ever Before.

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With the WISC–V you now get more integration to achievement measures and more critical insights than ever before. WISC–V links to proven achievement assessments KTEA-3 and WIAT®–III to provide combined reporting that gives you a clearer, more actionable identification of learning disabilities so you can improve student outcomes.

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The power of WISCV just got stronger.
Introducing WISCV Integrated.

Introducing WISC–V Integrated, the newest assessment in the WISC family. You trust the WISC–V — today's most powerful measure of intelligence — to give you an accurate picture of a child's abilities faster and easier than ever before. Now WISC–V Integrated continues the Weschler tradition of excellence with optional, process-oriented subtests to investigate WISC–V performance.

Better Understand a Child's Cognitive Processes

Designed to help you develop targeted interventions or treatments, WISC–V Integrated is a collection of optional subtests that clarify WISC–V results. With this flexible and easy-to-use, assessment tool, you simply select the specific subtests you need to:

  • Gain a better understanding of WISC–V performance when significant or unusual discrepancies occur
  • Take a deeper look at cognitive process changes over time
  • Help answer referral questions

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Training Tools

WISC–V is simpler and easier to use than ever. Plus, it comes with all the support you could ask for. You have access to a complete range of webinars and training to help you maximize the value of your assessments. So, whether you want to learn more about the theoretical underpinnings and content of the measure, or you are considering the digital version of WISC–V, we have the resource that is right for you.

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