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Introducing the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children® – Fifth Edition (WISC–V), the latest version of the most powerful cognitive ability measure ever. WISC has been redesigned, retooled, and revamped, with a number of improvements to provide a more comprehensive picture of a child's abilities. Now you can identify the issues – and find the solutions – faster and easier. And, the WISC–V is available in two versions: the traditional paper and pencil format and the new digital format available on Q-interactive™.


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    Available in a digital format on
    Q-interactive delivering the power of WISC–V on your tablet.

  • 2

    Reduced testing time to obtain the Full Scale IQ.

  • 3

    Increased coverage of cognitive processes important to specific learning disability (SLD) identification and intervention.

  • 4

    Basic structure revised to yield five clinically and theoretically driven factor-based index scores.

  • 5

    New and separate visual spatial and fluid reasoning composites.

  • 6

    New measures of visual spatial ability, fluid reasoning, and visual working memory.

  • 7

    New, optional measures of rapid automatized naming and visual-verbal associative memory.

  • 8

    Additional links to achievement with both the WIAT®–III and the KTEA™-3.

  • 9

    Efficiently produce primary index scores.

  • 10

    New ancillary scores for special situations.

  • 11

    Simplified, briefer instructions with reduced vocabulary level.

  • 12

    Expanded test structure provides greater interpretive power.

  • 13

    Improved pattern of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) approach to SLD identification.

  • 14

    Expanded interpretive approach highlights index- and subtest-level strengths and weaknesses for more critical insights.

  • 15

    Shorter discontinue rules.

  • 16

    Demonstration, sample, and teaching items included wherever necessary.

  • 17

    Modernized content and visual stimuli.

  • 18

    Digital version provides even more flexibility and convenience when building your assessment battery.

  • 19

    Refined scoring criteria.

  • 20

    Increased options for a flexible assessment.

  • 21

    Improved psychometric properties.

  • 22

    New and updated special group studies.

  • 23

    Updated norms.

  • 24

    Stronger subtest floors and ceilings for more accuracy at the extremes of cognitive ability.

  • 25

    Increased subtest and composite score reliability.

  • 26

    Web-based scoring and reporting through Q-global™.

  • 27

    New combination report options with the WIAT–III or KTEA-3.

Get the power of five on your tablet.

The new digital version of WISC–V is available on Q-Interactive – Pearson's digital assessment administration and management system. Using your tablet device, you'll get the power of WISC–V right in the palm of your hand. It's powerful. Portable. Efficient. And incredibly convenient.

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SLD Identification: Now Simpler and Easier Than Ever Before.

  • More critical insights

  • more links to achievement

  • improved outcomes.

With the WISC–V you now get more integration to achievement measures and more critical insights than ever before. WISC–V links to proven achievement assessments KTEA-3 and WIAT®–III to provide combined reporting that gives you a clearer, more actionable identification of learning disabilities so you can improve student outcomes.

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Training Tools

WISC–V is simpler and easier to use than ever. Plus, it comes with all the support you could ask for. You have access to a complete range of webinars and training to help you maximize the value of your assessments. So, whether you want to learn more about the theoretical underpinnings and content of the measure, or you are considering the digital version of WISC–V, we have the resource that is right for you.

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Our Training Partner Program (TPP) provides valuable support for college and university faculty and training directors. Membership in the TPP gives you and your students hands-on experience with the new WISC–V – both the traditional paper and pencil format as well as the new digital format – helping them prepare for "real-world" testing.

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